DJ Julez’s Debut

It always starts with “just an idea”…..

During my stay in Egypt, I had good chances to visit many clubs and became friends with a former DJ.

I actually never thought of becoming a DJ or a producer, but oneday I got invited to a friend’s house while I was still in Egypt

and when I was watching a party scene playing in the big screen there, a thought came up in my mind.

“I think being a DJ will be so much fun!!!”

So as soon as I got back home to Korea, I started searching for a DJ-ing school and after spending quite a bit of time researching,

I finally found a good one and started my journey as a DJ with a very good teacher who is also one of the most renowned DJ’s in Korea.




Here’s a pic with the head of the school and my teacher.  We had so much fun on our school party night which was also my debut night.



 Yes, this was the place to be!!!!!




With DJ Julez in da house, it can never go wrong ;D



Yes that’s me right there 🙂


IMG_1223  IMG_1235

Yes I’m feelin’ it!!!



I needed a little help >_<




Didn’t want the night to end ♬ ♪



But it was already time to wrap up.  Can’t believe how fast time flew by when I was up there.

It was such a thrilling and an unforgettable expereience and I will be counting minutes & seconds for my next performance. ♡